Ford’s anti-globalwarming Commercial: A Mini Cow

Ford’s anti-globalwarming Commercial: A Mini Cow

A bit weird but quite catching commercial created by Ogilvy for Ford.

Do you know what is the best way to reduce CO2 emissions and help save our planet? Not sure about you, but the Russian scientist and teacher Olga Dementieva from this commercial certainly does. And the answer is… a mini cow. According to Olga a mini cow not only produces less CO2, bet is also perfect to be kept as a pet.

The weirdness  starts making sense only on the last scene when with a phrase “Fortunately in Belgium we have Ford’s useful miracles” it finally emerges that the goal of this video  is to promote the new economical and environmentally friendly Ford Focus.


Created: June, 2010
Client: Ford
Country: Belgium
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Babak Hosseiny
Art Director: Philip Schiebold
Copywriter: Serge Audino
Director: Brecht Vanhoenacker

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