Ford Commecial: Cane Toad Road

Ford Commecial: Cane Toad Road

Ford and a creative agency JWT Melbourne has just launched a new commercial.

The video features two cane toads on the road talking about toad secretions. Not enough that the theme is not the nicest one, one of the frogs starts licking its poisonous secretion which has the aphrodisiac side effect. Finally the giant frogs hear a car coming but do not rush to move from the road. Until one of them is being squashed.

It all might sound like a terrible thing. But in Australia, these cane toads are not being appreciated. They were brought to a continent hoping that they would eat plant threatening beetles. Instead they themselves have big negative influence on Australian biodiversity.

Some say this ad is funny, some say it is hideous. See and decide it yourself.


Full Credits
Agency JWT Melbourne
Client Ford
Date May 03, 2012
Category TVC

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