Followfish Commercial: Tuna Tunes

Followfish Commercial: Tuna Tunes

Followfish and advertising agency Leagas Delaney have released series of videos lately.

The brand promotes their product in an amusing way. The documentary features guitar maker Karsten Schnoor and songwriter Duncan Townsend. The two have created something outstanding – tuna fish can ukulele. The second video demonstrates how it works in creating music. And you can check out their YouTube channel for more videos.

Watch the videos and tell us what do you think about them.


Agency: Leagas Delaney, Hamburg, Germany
Chief Creative Director: Stefan Zschaler
Creative Directors: Florian Schimmer, Michael Götz
Art Directors: Robert Westphal, Felix Boeck
Copywriter: Heiko Franzgrote
Online Concept: Björn Lange
Production: LDPD Leagas Delaney Production Department
Director: Florian Meimberg
DoP: Felix Storp
Sound Design: Supreme Music
Post-Production: NHB Hamburg

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