FNTP Video: You Can’t Stop the Future

FNTP Video: You Can’t Stop the Future

FNTP and advertising agency W Atjust from France have released this funny and affective video ad.

The video raises a question: what if a public works would stop? It turns out, there is no space for inspiring things – such as marathon – if there is no people building it. The video looks like a casual inspiring story of human will. However, its brilliant twist in the end is striking.

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: W Atjust, France
Creative Director: Ivan Pierens
Art Director: Arnaud Wacker
Copywriter: Renan Cottrel
Account Managers: Dominique Wood, Marion Salomon
Advertiser Managers: Corine Le Sciellour, Xavier Gandillot
Director: Ivan Grbovic
Production Company: Wanda
Sound: The

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