Flying Dog Brewery Commercial: Wildeman

Flying Dog Brewery Commercial: Wildeman

Flying Dog Brewery and director Tim Martin made this wild commercial presenting the launch of a new beer.

The spot takes place in the woods at night. It features a quite scary looking man, who apparently is wild. He is watching the video in his strangely arranged home and listens to some tips of how to become wilder and scarier. He makes the wings and disappears in the smoke. Really funky ad.

Watch the video and tell us how did you liked it.


Directed: Tim Martin
Music: Sam Epstein

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  1. Sunrise at 8:26 AM

    Old shaven-not-so-so-long-ago-slightly-arthritic guy straps on strange dirty looking things, smears his face with lipstick (was that red coolaid dripping on a deer pelt before that?) and lurches into smoke machine clouds while a television yells at him.

    Oh yeah, it must be the alcohol-making-you-so-attractive thing. lol

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