Fluke Commercial: Golf

Fluke Commercial: Golf

Fluke and advertising agency tbwa \BOVIL have made this funny commercial entitled “Golf”.

The video features golf players. Although, it seems so at the first sight. But then the commercial takes an unexpected turn and ends not the way the golf match should. Nevertheless, it is hilarious.

The video is part of a wider campaign and reminds that this summer is totally a sport summer wherever you look around.

Watch the short ad and have a good laugh.


Advertising Agency: tbwa \BOVIL, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Creative Director: Shaun Northrop
Creatives: Jeroen Manders, Levi Sars
Art Director: Jeroen Manders
Copywriters: Levi Sars, Nico Tatarowicz
Production: Marcel Briaire, Isabel Croon, Holy Apples, Coldsun

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