Fidelity Investments Video: Marian Barnett’s Life Story

Fidelity Investments Video: Marian Barnett’s Life Story

Fidelity Investments and advertising agency Firstborn have released series of saving stories for its latest campaign.

The funny video below features Marian Barnett and her life story. Kids play the characters she is telling about. From the day she was born in 1922, until this year, when she started sky diving, she was always concerned about saving some money. So that she could live the way she always wanted. Very amusing and inspiring story.

Watch the video and share your impressions with us.


Agency: Firstborn
CD: Adam Rubin
Client: Fidelity Investments
EP: Alex Krawitz
Director of Strategy: Eugene Chung
Director of Client Engagement: Jason Rosenfelt
Senior Studio Producer: Will Russell
Senior Producer: Chris Grey
Production: Ross Girard
Line Producer: Brian Turner
Post Production: Firstborn
Editor: Jess Carfield
Assistant Editor: Katharina Glanz
Assistant Editor: Phil Mansfield
Colorist: Jess Carfield
Compositing: JR Schmidt
Compositing: Jordan Carroll
Compositing: Hee Sun Kim
Sound Design: Brett Swanson
Audio Mix: Brett Swanson
Production: Partizan
Director: Jeremy Konner
EP: Matt Tucker

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