Fiat Video: Ryan’s Love Story

Fiat Video: Ryan’s Love Story

Fiat 500 and Jake Wheeler have released a new funny campaign recently.

The spot promotes electric Fiat, which besides being ecologic is also very “sexy”. Therefore, the creatives have pulled off “ Environmentally Sexy” campaign. The video features Ryan. He was not into the environmental thing at all, until he met Sofia – a gorgeous whale-‐saving Italian game show hostess. From now on, they drive Fiat 500, are conscious about our planet and remain stylish.

Watch the spot and have a good laugh.


Integrated Creative Director: Jake Wheeler
Creative Director: Boris Stojanovich
Business Lead, VP: Alyssa Altman
Account Lead: Alan J. Clisch
Design Director: Alejandro J. Mendoza
Tech Lead: Alejandro J. Toledo
Project Manager: Ronald Alvarez
Art Director: Stacey Fredrickson
Producer: Veronica Guardian
Copywriter: William Hughes
Account Manager: Kelly A. Wilson
Account Manager: Debbi Brasile
Video Editor: Javier Urquiza
Studio Manager: Ariel Belumio
Designer: Lisa Trucchio
Developer: Lior Gonda
Developer: Michael Valeron

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