Fiat Commercial: Hero Hug

Fiat Commercial: Hero Hug

Fiat and advertising agency Leo Burnett Tailor Made have released a spot, which promotes its awesome invention!

In Brazil a lot of kids die in the car accidents, because they won’t buckle their seat belts. To make it a new habit, Fiat has made special seat belt covers, that look like heroes’ arms from the favorite cartoons. From now on Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash will protect children lives!

See the video and share your impressions about the campaign with us.


Agency: Leo Burnett Tailor Made, Brazil
Creative Vice President: Marcelo Reis
Executive Creative Director: Guilherme Jahara
Creative Director: Rodrigo Jatene
Copywriter: Caio Lekecinskas
Art Director: Rafa Oliveira
Accounts: Pablo Arteaga, Cintia Mourao, Daniela Ferreira, Mirelly Rosa

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