Fiat Commercial: Boob Job

Fiat Commercial: Boob Job

Leo Burnett Argentina introduces the new Fiat Palio. In a quite tacky manner.

The commercial features a couple driving home. When they have arrived, the women tells her man that even if he thinks she is pretty she has decided to do a boob job. Then we can see the euphoric dream moment the man has after hearing it. He literally swims through her breasts.

The tagline says, “the car for the best time of your life”. Is it humor or lack of taste?

Watch the video and help us to decide.


Agency: Leo Burnett Argentina
Client: Fiat Auto Argentina
Product: New Fiat Palio
Title: Surgery.
ECD: Seto Olivieri
CD: Dauquén Chabeldin
AD: Hernán Cuñado
Production manager: Federico Puricelli — Sebastián Tarruella
Production Company: Ursula
Director: Lemon
Executive producer: Adrián D’Amario
General producer: Johanna Trosman
Eagle eyes: Marto Otonello
Music: SupercharangoPost-Production: Wolf

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