FIAP Video: Christopher Columbus

FIAP Video: Christopher Columbus

FIAP and director Santi Winer have made this short film about the process of releasing ideas.

The video takes place at the 15th century Spain. Christopher Columbus comes to Her Majesty and asks to collaborate on his project: to go to India through the Atlantic Ocean. The plan is based on the idea that Earth is round. Her Majesty has big doubts. However, the passion of Columbus wins over.

The video was highly rated since it is so sincere and inspiring. Just what FIAP is looking for when they are giving their awards away.

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: Coolshotfilms
Creative Directors: Javi del Río, Damian Coscia
Copywriters: Javi del Río, Damian Coscia
Director: Santi Winer
Sound Company:
Music: DJ Mustache

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