FIAP Commercial: Golf

FIAP Commercial: Golf

FIAP and creative agency DKP Miami have made this hilarious video commercial entitled „Golf“.

The video tells a story about the clash between the generations. Two men – the previous and present creatives – meet on the golf field. The now retired creative tells the younger colleague how he should do his job. Everything about him seems inappropriate and strange. The guy listens to him patiently. Until some kind of a revelation happens to him. Because if you did something good, FIAP awards it.

Watch the funny commercial and share your opinion about it.


Advertising Agency: DKP Miami, USA
Creatives: Damián Coscia, Javi del Río, Andrés Diez
Account executive: Allison Badía
Agency producer: Keila Alfaro
Production Company: Gal Cine
Director: Nes Buzzalino
Sound: Electrohippie
Casting: Estudio 3 group
Postproducction: Upstairs Miami

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