Funny Commercials World Funny Commercials World Sun, 29 Mar 2015 18:05:08 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Mountain Dew Commercial: Neighborhood Sun, 29 Mar 2015 13:00:48 +0000 Mountain Dew Kickstart and advertising agency BBDO have released this cool video spot recently.

The commercial is from the recent Kickstart campaign, which introduces a drink that apparently makes move everybody in the neighborhood. The previous spot “Come Alive” from the series was also very entertaining. Now watch these guys moving and shaking their bodies very lively right there in the street!

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: BBDO, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Tim Bayne, Lauren Connolly
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Todd Rone Parker
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Dan Kelly
Group Executive Producer: Julian Katz
Senior Producer: Whitney Collins
Executive Music Producer: Melissa Chester
Senior Account Director: Ladd Martin
Account Director: Patrice Reiley
Account Manager: Kate Siembieda
Production Company: Click 3X
Directors: Cary Murnion, Jonathan Milott
President/Partner: Peter Corbett
Managing Director: Jason Mayo
Executive Producer/Managing Director – Live Action: Megan Kelly
Line Producer: Marc Chenail
DP: Lyle Vincent
Lead Colorist: Milan Boncich
Editor: Ed Einhorn
Head Of Visual Effects: Mario Caserta
Senior Flame Artist: Andrew Granelli
Senior Producer: Jody Peters
Audio: Heard City
Audio engineer: Mike Vitacco

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Animal Foundation Campaign: Pets Sun, 29 Mar 2015 10:00:18 +0000 The Animal Foundation Las Vegas and advertising agency R&R Partners have released this wonderful campaign recently.

The videos were made to a shopping channel’s format, introducing the best goods ever – cats and dogs. They come in handy, apparently, and serve as the alarm clocks, cleaners, gardeners, pilots and whatnot. The tongue-in-cheek videos offer to adopt a cute pet, that will definitely induce a lot of joy into your life.

Watch the videos and tell us if you liked them.


Agency: R&R Partners, USA
Executive Creative Director: Arnie DiGeorge
Creative Director: Ron Lopez
Copywriters: Chrissy Deem, Mary Money
Art Director: Rachel Hogan
Agency Producer: Sherpa Pictures
Business Affairs: Pam Petrescu

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Taco Bell Commercial: Manmercials Sun, 29 Mar 2015 07:00:44 +0000 Taco Bell has released this witty video spot recently.

The commercial features a bunch of men we see everyday in the commercials, magazines and advertisements in the streets. They all tell us what to do, how to be this or that, what does it take to be a man or a women. Now, Taco Bell doesn’t buy it. It promotes its juicy steak and has its own opinions about what makes a man.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Client: Taco Bell

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Carhartt Commercial: Madison Bumgarner Sat, 28 Mar 2015 13:00:58 +0000 Carhartt Force and director Jason Momoa, whom you know as Drogo from “Game of Thrones”, have made this cool spot.

The spot features baseball pitcher Madison Bumgarner, who is said to attract work. Therefore Carhartt Force clothes are made for men like him. The spot is a collage of cool images, working and competing men, however the main part is played by music here. It is rock’n’roll all the way baby and we are so buying it!

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it as well.


Production Company: Pride of Gypsies
Producer / Director: Jason Momoa

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OK Commercial: Fencing Sat, 28 Mar 2015 10:00:30 +0000 OK and M2Film have released a new hysterical campaign recently.

The video promotes a fuel card, that donates part of its profits to a local sport club. To demonstrate the struggles that locals have, the creatives have pulled off this over-the-top story. It features Kevin and his friends, who love fencing. Unfortunately the old system puts them in danger and they all get electrocuted. See the consequences.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Spring, Denmark

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Libero Campaign: Football Dancing Sat, 28 Mar 2015 07:00:04 +0000 Libero together with advertising agencies LOLA and Lowe&Partners from Madrid have released a new funny campaign.

Men claim they cannot dance. The creatives prove them wrong in these two hilarious spots. The videos promote a magazine about football. It is all about the passion for the sport. See a montage of athletes, during a game, which is made look like a dance. Very amusing – we promise you will laugh!

Watch the videos and tell us if you liked them as much as we did.


Agency: LOLA / Lowe & Partners, Madrid, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Pancho Cassis
Creative Directors: Néstor García, Nacho Oñate
Creative supervisor: Nicolás Gómez Cal
Copywriter: Sandra Cano-Ludeña
Art director: Marta Expósito
Designer: Lucas Reis
Account supervisor: Laura Gerpe
Agency Producers: Florencia Caputo, Cristina Español
Production Company: Blur
Director: Martín Jalfen / The Lover
Executive Producer: Mario Forniés
Producer: Marta Martínez
Editors: Lucas Nolla, Rocío Pérez Lavilla
Post Production: Deseif
Producer: Carmelo Barberá

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Sigoma Commercial: Game of Cuts Fri, 27 Mar 2015 13:00:19 +0000 Sigoma and advertising agency Bold Content Video have made this cool film recently.

The story is based on the cult show “Game of Thrones”. Lord Ned Starp steps in and tries to put an end to the spoiled King’s and his relatives’ dirty games. The company demands fair funding, which will not allow cities lose millions of pounds. Sigoma calls to stop the Games of Cuts.

Watch the video and spread the word.


Agency: Bold Content Video

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NEFCU Commercial: Heart Fri, 27 Mar 2015 10:00:26 +0000 NEFCU and advertising agency DeVito/Verdi have released this amusing video recently.

The spot promotes a bank, that says it isn’t one. The brand is all about better banking, because it is not a bank. And one can believe all sorts of things, if they are complemented with a song. The creatives have pulled off a really nice musical, where three bankers perform a song with very wise lyrics: “I’d only be a human, if I had a heart”. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Watch the video and share your impressions with us.


Agency: DeVito/Verdi, USA
Creative Director: Wayne Winfield
Agency Producer: Karen Tomlin
Account Supervisor: Andy Brief
Vice President of Marketing & Community Relations: Valerie Garguilo
Senior Marketing Coordinator: Trish Graffingino
Production Company: Backyard
Director: Greg Bell
Director of Photography: Kris Kachikis
President/Partner: Blair Stribley
Managing Director/Partner: Chris Zander
VP/Executive Producer: Kris Mathur
Head of Production: Emily Malito
Line Producer: Candace Tomarken
Production Designer: Justin Trask
Editorial: PS 260
Managing Partner: Zarina Mak
Lead Editor: Dustin Stephens
Music Production: Duotone Audio Group
Executive Producer: David Leinheardt
Producer: Lissa Farquhar
Creative Director / Composer: Brian Deming
Composer: Brad Fischer
Music Supervisor: Karen Miller / The Albert Company

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Taco Bell Film: Routine Republic Fri, 27 Mar 2015 07:00:17 +0000 Taco Bell has released this awesome short film recently, which has gone viral immediately.

And we are literally in awe. The video takes place in the Routine Republic, where the main problem is – the same boring breakfast every day! People are depicted living in a totalitarian regime, ruled by the wicked clowns, who supervise everyone ate the burgers each morning. But the strict rulership has to end with the help of two rebellious guys and The Ramones.

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it as much as we did.


Client: Taco Bell

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Wilkinson Commercial: The Lonely Chair Thu, 26 Mar 2015 13:00:23 +0000 Wilkinson and advertising agency J. Walter Thompson from Paris have released this brilliant spot recently.

The brand promotes its razors, that make skin silky and smooth. However, there is a really amusing twist in this spot, that we won’t reveal. All we can say that we love the concept (of which we cannot speak), the song and the environment. Set in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, the camera follows people, who are dressed scarcely for the spring.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: J. Walter Thompson, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Anne-Cécile Tauleigne
Art Director: Laura Moreau
Copywriter: Johan Tchang-Minh
TV producer: Julia Descourtis
Director: Julien Chesné
Music: Bobby Vinton

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