FedEx Ad: Enchanted Forest

FedEx Ad: Enchanted Forest

FedEx and New York’s advertising agency BBDO have launched this cartooned commercial.

The video features animals in the forest. They are not simple animals – they are magic creatures known from the fairy tales. Here comes FedEx to their forest. It is said to be eco-friendly, since it uses electric trucks, recycled shipping materials a growing number of lower-emission planes. Therefore it saves the nature and its magical variety of living creatures.

Watch the delightful ad and tell us what you think about the initiative.


Agency BBDO New York
Director Marie Hyon
Director Marco Spier
Chief Creative Director David Lubars
Executive Creative Director Greg Hahn
Executive Creative Director Mike Smith
Creative Director/ writer Tom Kraemer
Creative Director/ writer Chris Beresford-Hill
Creative Director/ art director Nick Klinkert
Agency Executive Producer Amy Wertheimer
Agency Executive Producer Diane Hill
DoP Fredrick Elmes

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