Fastrack Commercials: Tee Virus

Fastrack Commercials: Tee Virus

Fastrack Tee Virus has released a few more hilarious short videos from the latest campaign.

The 19 second commercials bring objects to life. The slow motion shorts feature T-shirts and paper numbers, that provide sun glasses and watches. This is so called Tee Virus, that produces fashionable accessories. Bizarre yet funny and simple.

Watch the videos and have a good laugh.

Director: Lohith Chengappa
Director: Carl Savio
Director: Akash Das
National Creative Director: Arun Iyer
Creative: Janardhan Nataraj
Creative: Rohit Venkatesh
Creative: Saptarshi Das
Creative: Kishore Mohandas
Creative: Arun Iyer
Creative: Akash Das
Creative: Lohith Chengappa
Creative: Carl Savio

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