Fastrack Commercials: Tee Virus

Fastrack Commercials: Tee Virus

Fastrack Tee Virus has released series of hilarious short videos.

19 second commercials bring clothes to life. The slow motion shorts feature T-shirts, that provide sun glasses and watch. This is so called Tee Virus, that produces fashionable accessories. And this is the example of how simplicity works wonders.

Watch the videos and have a good laugh.


Director: Lohith Chengappa
Director: Carl Savio
Director: Akash Das
National Creative Director: Arun Iyer
Creative: Janardhan Nataraj
Creative: Rohit Venkatesh
Creative: Saptarshi Das
Creative: Kishore Mohandas
Creative: Arun Iyer
Creative: Akash Das
Creative: Lohith Chengappa
Creative: Carl Savio

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