Fantastic Delites Video: How far would you go?

Fantastic Delites Video: How far would you go?

Fantastic Delites and advertising agency Clemenger BBDO from Adelaide have made this awesome web video documenting the campaign „How far would you go?“.

Now this is an amazing video. One of those I call „a must see“. Company put a challenge machine – ‘Delite-o-matic’ – in the middle of the city. It invited people to press the button for hundreds of times. After the accomplishment, they received a treat. The biggest challenge – to press the button 5000 times. And when you thought that was over, people agreed to do even crazier challenges.

Watch the funny video and tell us what would you do for a tasty treat?


Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Adelaide, Australia
Creative Director: Karl Fleet
Digital Creative / Art Director: Oliver Prenton
Digital Creative / Copywriter: Matt O’Grady
Agency Producer: Holly Horne
Account Director: Erik De Roos
Head of Digital: Christian Russell
Editors: David Ngo, Oliver Prenton, Matt O’Grady
Colourist: Craig Field
Production Company: Anifex

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