ExxonMobile Commercial: Touchdown

ExxonMobile Commercial: Touchdown

ExxonMobile and advertising agency The Martin Agency have launched this funny short commercial entitled „Touchdown“.

The company promotes its „Let’s Solve This“ educational initiative which stimulates USA’s leadership in science. Therefore, ExxonMobile supports school programs in the mathematics and science disciplines. This video is shot on 60mm in 1960 and is authentic except one detail: Americans land on the Moon to realize that they are not the first to be there.

Watch the beautiful video and share your opinion about it.


Agency: The Martin Agency
Client: ExxonMobile
Production Company: BRW USA, LA
Director: Erik van Wyk
Producer: Suzie Tedesco
EP: Jodi Kemper
EP: Gianfilippo Pedrotti
CD: Andy Azula
CD: Jason Komulainen
Editorial: RPS
Editor: Adam Petrofski
Flame Artist: Glynn Tebbutt

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