Evolve PSA: Gun Safety

Evolve PSA: Gun Safety

Evolve and advertising agency McCann from New York have released a very important yet funny PSA recently.

Since gun violence is now an every day occurrence in America, and gun violence at schools or university campus happens weekly, the creatives at McCann have decided to send a message. The spot features two moms waiting for their sons. But they are in shock when the pair appears playing with dildos. Apparently if they find them, they play with them. What if those were guns they found?

Watch the video and spread the word.


Agency: McCann, New York
Client: Evolve
Global Creative Chairman: Rob Reilly
Chief Creative Officer: Sean Bryan
Chief Creative Officer: Tom Murphy
Group Creative Director: Zach Holliday
Group Creative Director: Josh Greenspan
Senior Art Director: Ferdinand Daniele
Senior Copywriter: Tom Weingard
Producer: Bridget Pierce
Music Producer: Michael Ladman
Production Company: Private School Entertainment
Director: David Kerr
Director of Photography: Julian Whatley
Editor: Michael Dart Wadsworth
Editorial Company: Final Cut
Mix Studio: Final Cut

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