Ethel’s Brew Commercial: Burt’s Story

Ethel’s Brew Commercial: Burt’s Story

Ethel’s Brew and Seth Goldschmidt have launched this funny and wicked commercial entitled “My Husband is Dead Now. Let’s Party!”. The video is part of a wider campaign.

The video tells a story of Burt and Ethel. Burt got obsessed with beer after visiting an Octoberfest in Germany. Therefore he got an idea to open his own brewery one day. After his death wife Ethel decided to live a little as well and released a beer after her name.

“It’s not about being blonde or brunette,” Ethel said. “The girls who have more fun are the ones with my beer. I’m very excited to finally bring my late husband’s dream to life and to start my own beer company.”

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Creative: Seth Goldschmidt
Photographer: Eiri Kleinman
Director: Ari Sharvit
Designer: Isaac Frosberg
Editor: Justin Balakanah

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