ESPN Video: The Muppet Chef

ESPN Video: The Muppet Chef

ESPN and advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy New York have released this hilarious video ad recently.

The spot is the last part for a “This is Sportscenter” campaign. The funny commercial features NY Rangers goalkeeper Henrik Lundqvist and ESPN staff. The company has hired a new chef from the Muppet family. Apparently, only Henrik can talk to him about his special cuisine. Do not ask for a hamburger.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Wieden + Kennedy New York
CD: Brandon Henderson
Client: ESPN
CD: Stuart Jennings
Copywriter: Nick Kaplan
Art Director: Jeff Dryer
Executive Producer: Temma Shoaf
Executive Creative Director: Ian Reichenthal
Executive Creative Director: Scott Vitrone
Head of Content Production: Lora Schulson
Prod. Co.: O Positive
Director: David Shane
EP: Ralph Laucella
EP: Marc Grill
DOP: Dave Morabito
Editor: Joint Editorial
VFX: The Mill
Mix: Heard City

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