ESPN Video: Dog

ESPN Video: Dog

ESPN and advertising agency 77 Ventures have released a brand new hilarious campaign.

The video presents ESPN Radio, which will introduce to the latest sports news, whether they are good or bad. And opposite to real life, the critique that athletes are receiving from the witty hosts is a normal thing. The creatives have pulled off this video, that compare real life conversations with those on air.

Watch the ad and have a good laugh.


Agency: 77 Ventures, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Michael Haje, Galen Bernard
Copywriters: Smitty Blauvelt, Sam Balaclava
Executive Producer: Jamie Cohen
Production: Über Content
Director: Chris Hooper
Executive Producer: Phyllis Koenig
Producer: Chris Rouchard
Post Production Co: Crew Cuts
Editor: Bill Cramer
Assistant Editor: Tommy Button
Sound: Joe @ Blas

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