ESPN Commercial: Shake On It

ESPN Commercial: Shake On It

ESPN has launched this hilarious video entitled „Shake On It“.

The video features men and reflects their passion for sports. They would go far to prove their love for a favorite team. So they risk their honor and bet for some seriously ridiculous stuff. To run the street with a diapers? To shave off eyebrows? To eat a sandwich with a rival’s chest hair? It is only a few examples.

Watch the video and tell us if you would go so far for your team.


Director Aaron Stoller
Creative Director Brandon Henderson
Creative Director Stuart Jennings
Executive Creative Director Ian Reichenthal
Executive Creative Director Scott Vitrone
Art Director Cyrus Coulter
Copywriter Dave Canning
Executive Producer Holly Vega
Head of Broadcast Gary Krieg
DoP Linus Sandgren
Agency Producer Cheryl Warbrook

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