Enterprise Rent-a-Car Video: My 13 Days

Enterprise Rent-a-Car Video: My 13 Days

Enterprise Rent-a-Car and advertising agency Rodgers Townsend/DDB St. Louis have released this funny video spot recently.

The commercial promotes Rental Reimbursement, which will take care of you when your car is in a repair service. Usually it takes 13 days and if your insurance policy does not include this plan, you may end up like this guy. He gets a pink car, which drives him mad! The commercial has gone viral instantly because it is so funny.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency – Rodgers Townsend/DDB St. Louis
Kay Cochran – Creative Director
Peter Roddick – Art Director
Katie Orzel – Art Director
Melinda Christman – Digital Producer
Josh Hogan – VP Digital, Executive Digital Producer
Mike McCormick – Executive Creative Director
Rachel Barbieri – Account Director
Jamie Schiebel – Developer

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