Eggs On Weed Video: Hit Things

Eggs On Weed Video: Hit Things

Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving and Cleansheet Communications have released a funny campaign recently.

To raise awareness about safe driving the students and creatives have pulled off a really funny spot. Everyone knows by now that driving drunk is the worst thing. However, there is a lot of deceptive notions about driving while high. The group of characters – Eggs On Weed – illustrate the effects. Although the video is funny, the message is important and clear.

Watch the spot and spread the word.

Agency: Cleansheet Communications, Toronto, Canada
Chief Storytelling Officer: Neil McOstrich
Senior Art Director: Scott Shymko
Art Director: Denny Kurien
Copywriter: Neil McOstrich
Agency Producer: Nansi Thomas
President/COO: Catherine Frank
Group Account Director: J.J. Bresolin
Account Supervisor: Sari Waldman
Account Co-ordinator: Fred Chinoy
Animation Studio: Cuppa Coffee Studios
Executive Producer: Adam Shaheen
Director: Chris Morris
Assistant Director: Philip Eddols
Audio House: Pirate Toronto
Executive Producer: Tyna Maerzke
Producer: Kate Goora-Fried
Composer / Director: Chris Tait
Voice Director: Stephanie Pigott
Engineer: Jared Kuemper
Social Content Agency: Entrinsic

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