An Online Store For Women Selling Products To Hide The Marks Of Domestic Violance

An Online Store For Women Selling Products To Hide The Marks Of Domestic Violance

A fantastic initiative “My Secret Cosmetics” was launched by the Dutch government in partnership with the Dutch Steunpunt Huiselijk Geweld (Support Center for Victims of Domestic Violence) to raise the attention on domestic violence problem.

In Netherlands police reports about 64,000 cases of domestic violence a year. On the list of fatalities resulting from an unnatural cause domestic violence takes the second place after traffic accidents. With the help of this campaign the government wanted to deliver the message that domestic violence is unacceptable and unjustifiable.

The campaign began in October and presented to the world an online store “My Secret Cosmetics” where you were offered to order products from the new line just launched for women who are a victim of domestic violence to hide visual signs of abuse. Shadows, lipsticks, blushes… well, everything a woman needs to take after a fight with her husband.

However, when trying to order some product, you discovered a message “It is not a solution” and a phone number of a help line for victims of domestic violence. Needless to say that the campaign generated a huge buzz in the media. Below you can check a nice video about the project.

The campaign was supported by TV commercials, radio, print and even a supposed video of a TV program where a woman made a live demo of the product.

Launched: October, 2010
Clients: Dutch Government, Domestic Violence Support Centre
Advertising agency: Leo Burnett
Country: Netherlands

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