DSW Commercial: Animal Killer Loves Shoes

DSW Commercial: Animal Killer Loves Shoes

DSW and advertising agency Onion Labs have released this hysterical video spot recently.

The brand promotes shoes for men and doesn’t ask any questions. Otherwise, some might end up like this guy, who is in a bloody search for excuses just so to buy a new pair of shoes. His unfortunate little pets get killed in various accidents and then buried in DSW shoe box in the yard. There must be a better way!

Watch this dark humor spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: Onion Labs, USA
Production Company: Muster Master Pictures
Executive Creative Producer: Angie Gaffney
Producer: Matt Corrado
Director: Mac Eldridge
Copywriter: David Smith
Director of Photography: David Wagenaar
Production Designer: Caitlin Laingen
Editor: Mac Eldridge
Composer: Seth Boggess
Associate Producer: Jessica Bahowick

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