Domestos Commercial: Meet Phill Pace

Domestos Commercial: Meet Phill Pace

Domestos and Droga5 – the Sydney’s creative agency – launched a new really crazy toilet cleaner commercial.

The creatives took a totally different approach to Domestos. The advertisement begins as a documentary, telling about the bodybuilder. His wife is talking about his eating habits and we can see him getting up early, training and eating. The main focus in the ad is on his diet. Surprisingly at the end we get to know why: after letting us know how much various food he eats, his wife is happy that Domestos can handle everything else what is left…

Watch this ironic ad and tell you opinion.


Agency: Droga5 Sydney
Client: Domestos
Writer: David Nobay
Prod. Co.: Goodoil Films
Director: Fiona McGee
Producer: Claire Richards
Agency Producer: Paul Johnston
Editor: Dave Whittaker
Sound: Nylon
Date: May 07, 2012

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