Disney Video: Babble Chorus

Disney Video: Babble Chorus

The Walt Disney Company and advertising agency Niña from Argentina have released this incredibly beautiful video spot recently.

To celebrate the Mother’s Day, the company has arranged a female choir, which beautifully sang a lullaby to a girl, who couldn’t fall asleep. Recently another company Cardstore have also run a campaign to commemorate this auspicious day. We on our behalf also send all the best wishes to all the mothers in the world!

Watch the video and enjoy the song.


Agency: Niña, Argentina
General Creative Directors: Pablo Alvarez Travieso, Gonzalo Vecino
Executive Producer: Federico Videtta
Producer: Anita Pillado
Producer: Primo
Director: Santiago Elias
Executive Producer: Caro Cordini
Photography Director: Nicolás Trovato
Postproduction: Wolf vfx
Sound: Notdeaf Sound Design
Music: Animal Music
Sound Studio: Notdeaf Sound Design

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