DirecTV Commercial: Look Alikes

DirecTV Commercial: Look Alikes

DirecTV and advertising agency Young & Rubicam from Buenos Aires have launched this hilarious video ad called “Look Alikes”.

The video takes place at the party where mommy has brought her baby. Everyone is excited about the boy and everyone sees a resemblance to his relatives. So the baby’s looks changes according to what other say he looks like. “His eyes look like Ruben’s”, the lady says. “No, it’s more like Nachos. You know those eyebrows”, the man corrects her. “His lips is like Cecilia’s”. “Sergio says he looks just like him”. In the end we read the title: Everyone sees what they want to see. More than 200 channels. DirecTV.

Watch the funny ad and tell us what you think of it.


Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Buenos Aires, Argentina
General Creative Director: Martín Mercado
Creative Directors: Mariano Pazos, Sergio Paoletta
Art Director: Gonzalo Fernandez
Copywriter: Juan Ignacio Galardi
General Accounts director: Eugenia Slosse
Account director: Laura De Rosa
Executive agency producer: Luis Pompeo
Agency producers: Agustín Borgognoni, Florencia Caputo
Production company: Argentina Cine
Director: Augusto Gimenez Zapiola

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