Ding-Free.ca Commercial: Ding Free from Sea to Sea

Ding-Free.ca Commercial: Ding Free from Sea to Sea

Ding-free.ca – Credit Unions of Canada and advertising agency Dead Famous have released this beautiful video ad.

The commercial is a very nice example of a slow motion film. The video suggests, that belonging to a national ATM network enables you to bank ding free at credit unions and other financial institutions in Canada. Serious stuff, however, wrapped in a wonderful short movie.

Watch this ad and let us know if you liked it.


Agency: Dead Famous, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: Mike Fiorentino, Michael Bryden, Chris Kostyal
Director: Shaun Lawless
Assistant Director: Scot Proudfoot
Animation: Hardedge Creative
Post Production: Bear Studios
Make-up and Hair: Jenn Kaminski
Styling: Tanus Lewis

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