Diesel Video: Parkour in New York

Diesel Video: Parkour in New York

Diesel and advertising agency SMFB Oslo have released this cool video ad lately.

The spot depicts awesome parkour in New York. Did you know that Diesel shoes do not like parkour? However, these guys love to wear them, since they are comfortable and let move smoothly. Diesel is always straightforward and brave with its commercials. Nice one.

Watch the ad and tell us if you liked it.


Agency: SMFB Oslo
Client: Diesel
Creative: Pal Hoyer-Andreassen
Creative: Magnus Hogberg Hansen
Designer: Niklas Hellborg
Web Producer: Kristoffer Lorang Dahl
Strategist: Kristian Kristiansen
Production Company: Acne Production
Director: Anders Jedenfors
Producer: Petur Mogensen
Line Production: Picture Farm
Line Producer: Arianne Culley
Line Producer: Cris Bren
Digital Production Company: Nodes Norway

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