Diesel & Fiat campaign: Disconnect from Facebook

Diesel & Fiat campaign: Disconnect from Facebook

Yeah, DIESEL really wants you to disconnect from your computer and say “go!” for the real world. The brand has just launched a new campaign promoting their partnership to the limited edition Fiat 500. Following the concept of “Disconnect”, DIESEL presents a series of hilarious videos bringing social networking concepts from Facebook to the real life. The brands are inviting people, who like living a real life to join the movement, and change their computer chairs to seats for the autos and joy. Diesel nailed it once again drawing the attention of Internet users and bringing the concept of freedom and enjoyment of having a stylish car. Perfect. Be sure to watch the videos – they are awesome!

The limited-edition Fiat 500 by Diesel line (with 10,000 copies manufactured in 2 years) was launched in September 2008. The concept originated from a collaboration of Fiat Style Center designers and Diesel creative team. The objective of the project was to develop a city-car with spirit of youth.

More about Fiat 500 in a Diesel way: www.500bydiesel.com

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