Dell Commercial: Meet Annie

Dell Commercial: Meet Annie

Dell and advertising agency Y&R New York have made this cute and funny commercial entitled “Meet Annie”.

Annie is a little girl, who is following her dream. She wants to fly. And nevertheless the skepticism she receives from her entourage, Annie does not give up. Finally she finds the solution with Dell and leaves everyone speechless.

Since Dell is competing with Apple, reviewers agree that this ad is much more compelling than Apple’s latest Mac campaign.

See the video and tell us what you think about it.


Client: Dell
Agency: Y&R New York
Chief Creative Officer: Jim Elliott
Creative Director, Copywriter: Margot Owett
Creative Director, Art Director: Fern Cohen
Executive Director of Content Production: Nathy Aviram
Agency Producer: Tamara Lecker
Executive Producer of Music: Jessica Dierauer
Senior Vice President, Account Managing Director: Lara Griggs
Global Business Leader on Dell: Joe Rivas
Production Company: Gorgeous
Director: Peter Thwaites

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    If key framing is so easy, why am I having such a hard time learning how to do it?

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