DCS Music Prints: Save the Music

DCS Music Prints: Save the Music

DCS Music and Leo Burnett from Paris have launched an amazing print camapign entitled „Save the music“.

The campaign includes three print images. The first image below features a guitar player. The second – a piano player. And the third – a trumpet player. The three players are covered with oil. Just like the poor birds after the oil have polluted the sea. But they still struggle to survive. Just like these players – they are still playing no matter what.

The DCS provides music equipment, which lets you enjoy your favorite tunes. The logo says: Save the music. DCS Audiophile equipment.

See the prints below and tell your opinion about them.





Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Paris, France
Creative Director: Xavier Beauregard
Art Director: Laëtitia Chrétien
Copywriter: Jean-François Le Marec
Photographer: Vincent Dixon
Post-Production: Kilato

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