DB Export Beer 50th anniversary campaign “The Untold Story” by Colenso BBDO

DB Export Beer 50th anniversary campaign “The Untold Story” by Colenso BBDO

DB Breweries is celebrating the 50th anniversary of New Zealand beer DB Export, with bringing back the original quart-sized DB Export Beer for a limited period in two-packs and single bottles. The DB Export beer has been brewed by DB’s current brewers to the original recipe first developed five decades ago by former master brewer, Morton Coutts. It also sports the original 60’s label design and the iconic beer’s history on the exterior packaging.

Also DB launched 90-second commercial and short film which set in the 1960s and telling the story of the beer’s creation by company founder, Morton Coutts as narrated by his barber.

In 1958 Finance Minister and ‘puritanical bore’ Arnold Nordmeyer outraged New Zealand with his so-called Black Budget. The budget was a miserly piece of work that taxed the importation of the world’s best beers so heavily that no ordinary man could afford to drink them.

After hearing news of the budget, the DB’s former master brewer Morton Coutts came up with a plan to help average Kiwi beer drinkers who were outraged by the new tax. So Morton created an export-quality beer at local prices. It went on to be named ‘The World’s Best Beer’ in 1968.

Watch the 90-seconds commercial and five-minute short film, ‘Beer, the untold story’ below. Also go to the DB export beer website to view other archival material.

DB Export – Beer The Untold Story: 90 second

DB Export – Beer The Untold Story: Short Film

Advertising agency: Colenso BBDO Auckland
Client: DB Export Beer
Director: The Glue Society

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  1. Jack at 10:40 AM

    I love beer and am interested in beer. But that story was way too long and just not interesting. I strongly doubt that the kids who drink export will relate to this.

  2. afsadg at 12:12 PM

    call me an old fashioned fool but it actually made me want to try the beer :)))

  3. Jameson at 1:06 AM

    Love it. A beautifully told tale of a man who brings down a tax-hungry government by inventing a beer… only in New Zealand. Sounds like Roger McD did the VO — inspired casting. Well done, chaps!

  4. SW at 6:26 AM

    I want to know who at DB is behind the present print media campaign where you ( dB ) make the threat, to the Governmnet, against raising the tax on beer ( which contains the drug alcohol ).

    This full page add has the header ” How to lose an election “.

    This add sais to me that the alcohol drug producers and pushers are flexing their muscle and threatening the Govt not to increase the tax on alcohol to make the producers pay for the damage that their drug costs NZ society.

    The add also mentions the Labour party in a negative light.

    How much money does DB donate to the National party???.

    How much does it donate and give away to all members of parliament????.

    Advertisments for booze are advertisments for drugs.

    Its “pushing drugs”.

    I hope the moneys good.

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