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Nikon D700: The Sensory Light box

Cannes Lions 2009 Media Bronze winner: Nikon - The Sensory Light box. An outdoor light box equipped with a motion detector was installed at the connecting passageway at the station, along with a red carpet leading to the Nikon shop located in the mall [...]

Clear: Beer

Released: June 2009 Advertiser: Clear Agency: Secret Weapon Marketing

Heineken Commercial: DVD, CD

Heineken Commercial: DVD, CD We put fake CDs and DVDs in Italian Fnac stores. Romantic and soapy films in the action film section, introspective films among the comedies. We did the same for records: fake romantic compilations in the Rock and Heavy Metal area and schmaltzy ringtone compilations in the Hip Hop section [...]
Louis Vuitton: The Journey

Louis Vuitton: The Journey

The choice of the exceptional 90-second format enables Louis Vuitton to take the time to convey the true and enriching essence of travel as a process of both discovery and self-discovery.

Oreo cookies: Magnetism

Reminding consumers of the special, one-of-a-kind connection between Oreo cookies and milk reminds them of the delightful experiences they can enjoy by sitting down to 'twist, lick and dunk' their Oreo cookies together.

BMW EfficientDynamics Commercial: Newspaper

BMW Efficient Dynamics: Less emissions. More driving pleasure. While efficiency has become the buzzword in the automotive industry lately, at BMW it’s hardly new. We’ve always lived by the Efficient Dynamics philosophy – less emissions without sacrificing performance. So when the government recently announced it would reward Americans for driving more fuel-efficient...

BMW Efficient Dynamics Commercial: President

BMW Efficient Dynamics: Less emissions. More driving pleasure. The time has officially come. The President has called for more fuel-efficient cars to be on American roads. At BMW we’ve always lived by the theory of Efficient Dynamics, which strives for exhilaration without excess. Everything we do focused on increasing driving pleasure while producing fewer emissions...