Cracker Jack’d Videos: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Chores

Cracker Jack’d Videos: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Chores

Cracker Jack’d and advertising agency Rally from Seattle have released a new funny campaign recently.

The commercials feature a music duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, whose videos have been watched hundreds of millions of times on YouTube. The guys have the image of living large. However, in the campaign they are depicted handling very mundane duties, like patting a cat or picking lint off their clothes.

Director Keith Goldberg said: „The idea came out of conversations with the guys, who mentioned that before stardom, no one ever recognized them. Whereas now, they can barely cross a street without it being recorded, commented upon, and made to seem epic. So, we decided to poke fun at their sudden God-like status by showing the ‘epic’ ways they seize the elements of their day.“

Watch the videos and have a good laugh.


Agency: Rally Seattle
Client: Cracker Jack’d
Partner/Creative Director: Keith Goldberg
Associate Creative Director: Dave Taylor
Design Director: Andrew Saeger
Designer: Clay Giffin
Production Company: Clatter & Din
Director: Keith Goldberg
Director: Vince Werner
Producer: Leigh Eckert
Editor: Scott Manley
Sound Design/Editing: Eric Johnson

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