Cow & Gate Commercial: Supergroup

Cow & Gate Commercial: Supergroup

Cow & Gate and advertising agency BETC London have released this cute video commercial from the latest integrated campaign.

The baby feeding brand encourages to feed babies’ personalities, as well. Therefore, the creatives pulled off this adorable musical video, which depicts what happens, when babies enter the room filled with musical instruments. Result is hypothetical, however exciting – they manage to perform a beautiful song together.

Watch the video, which will certainly leave a smile on your face.


Agency: BETC London
Client: Cow & Gate
ECD: Neil Dawson
CW: Clive Pickering
Art Director: Paul Copeland
Producer: Nikki Cramphorn
Production Company: RSA Films
Director: Jim Field Smith
Producer: Debbie Garvey
Editor: Dave Webb
Director of Photography: Rob Kitzman
Editing Company: Final Cut
Composer/Arranger: Lester Barnes
Sound Design/Arrangement: Adam Smyth
TK: The Mill

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