Corona Light Commercial: Bar Epiphany

Corona Light Commercial: Bar Epiphany

Corona Light and Goodby Silverstein & Partners have released a controversial video spot recently.

To promote their light beer, the creatives have arranged the whole bar epiphany. The guy orders Corona Light, although he has certain presumptions about it. Basically, that this beer is not for dudes. However, a bartender refers to him as “sir” and a beautiful brunette smiles him back from the end of the room. So here is the controversy: is light beer supposedly worse because only ladies drink it? What do you think – aren’t the creatives balancing on an edge of an unsavoury comparison here?

Watch the video and share your impressions with us.


Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, USA
Partner: Jeff Goodby
Creative Director: Adam Reeves
Art Director: Kristin Graham
Copywriter: Mitch Gage
Broadcast Producer: Conor Duignan
Group Account Director: Rob Smith
Account Director: Kiki Veralrud
Director of Brand Strategy: John Thorpe
Senior Brand Strategist: Ralph Paone
Senior Communication Strategist: John-James Richardson
Business Affairs Manager: Chrissy Shearer
Production Company: Radical Media
Director: Steve Miller
Director of Photography: Eric Schmidt
Executive producer: Donna Portaro
Line Producer: Barbara Benson
Editing House: Rock, Paper, Scissors
Editor: Grant Surmi
Producer: Meagen Carroll
Music House: Marmoset Music
Creative director: Brian Hall
Senior Producer: Rob Dennier
Sound Designers: Barking Owl, Michael Anastasi
Audio Mix: Samuel Casas, Rohan Young

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