Corcoran Karaoke Commercial: Electric Chair

Corcoran Karaoke Commercial: Electric Chair

Corcoran Karaoke and Sao Paulo’s advertising agency Longplay LP Comunicação have made this dark humor commercial entitled “Electric Chair”.

The video features a prisoner, sentenced to death. We can see him sitting in an electric chair. The voice announces that only one minute is left until the electricity is turned on. Have you ever thought what would you do during your last minute? The creatives, obviously, have. The guy starts singing “Oh, Happy Day”. And he is a pretty good singer! Watch the commercial to see how it is connected with karaoke.

See the video and tell us what you think about it.


Advertising Agency: Longplay LP Comunicação, São Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Fernando Luna
Copywriter / Art Director: Wanderley Dóro
RTVC: Pedro Lazzuri
Production Company: Santo Forte Digital
Directors: Marcelo Lepiani, Will Mazzola
Audio: Lua Nova
Director: Thomas Roth

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