Video Against Childhood Obesity Shows Mother Giving Drugs To Her Son

Video Against Childhood Obesity Shows Mother Giving Drugs To Her Son

“Break the Habit” is a new web film, released by The Precinct Studios, Sydney, aiming to draw attention to the childhood obesity in Australia.  Its controversy has recently been commented on numerous blogs and websites all around the world. The video tries to warn parents about the damage of a junk-food diet to their children’s health. By comparing junk food to drug abuse, this video aims to make parents stop and think about their actions and remind them that junk food is linked to a variety of chronic illnesses.

This film was made especially for the internet and shows a mother preparing to inject heroin into the arm of her five year old son. At the final moment, the drug turns into a juicy hamburger.

Intentionally controversial, the video is part of the initiative against childhood obesity run by the Australian agency Precinct Studios. According to the agency’s director, Henry Motteram, “Parents need to be aware that if their children become obese, it is more than likely because of them. For whatever reason, many parents ignore the early signs that surround the onset of obesity and fail in their duty of care to address the problem. It is hoped that this commercial will highlight this and get people talking about the topic.”

Released: September, 2010
Country: Australia
Advertising Agency: The Precinct Studios, Australia
Producer: Henry Motteram
Director, Editor & Sound Designer: Melvin J. Montalban
Cinematographer: Tania Lambert
Audio Colourist: Trish from Hi-Def Video Services
Sound Mixer: Peter McCorquodale from McCrocodile
Producer’s Assistant: Natasha Jackson Gaffer, Matt Russell
Production Assistants: Aragorn Fenton Mother, Mikaela Martin
Camera Assistant: Mark Collins

There are 7 comments for this article
  1. nielsen at 10:31 AM

    Great video! Really gives a feeling for what a lot of parents are actually doing to their kids.

  2. Nick at 10:38 AM

    Excellent and courageous. Lovely direction and performances.

  3. Krosbryd at 10:42 AM

    This is a stupid comparison, I must say. Comparing drug intake to eating fast food is like saying stabbing children and eating anchovies is the same thing. STUPID COMPARISON.

  4. allinhilde at 11:34 AM

    There is a material difference between beef and opium. Telling people that heroin is not so bad is a huge mistake, and that’s the only point of interest in this advert. Certainly, giving a child some beef is perfectly reasonable. Giving a child heroin is a horrible crime.

  5. juszill at 3:47 PM

    Obviously heroin is much more addictive and unhealthy for you than hamburgers…it’s using an extreme example to make a point. that being said, if anybody can look me straight in the eye and tell me that fast food is a healthy choice, i will officially lose faith in humanity…

  6. Maria at 9:59 AM

    Terrible.. Show a little child in such a context… I do understand that junk food is no good, but sure you can find more acceptable ways to show it.

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