Controversial The Simpsons Intro Directed by Banksy

Controversial The Simpsons Intro Directed by Banksy

Banksy, a British graffiti artist, political activist and painter, directed the Sunday evening’s (10/10/10) episode intro of The Simpsons.

The episode’s, called MoneyBart, intro, which was shown in the US on Sunday and will be shown in the UK on 21 October, starts with the street artist’s signature rat in the crow beak.

The first few 35 seconds of the intro feature the near-usual credits, except for a few “Banksy” tags on prominent Springfield buildings. Then, in a dreamlike sequence, the family “couch gag” travels to a dark dilapidated factory infested with rats and skeletons. The work house features legions of workers slave over Simpsons animation stills, Kittens are thrown into a wood chipper and used to stuff Bart Simpson dolls, a chained unicorn is used to punch holes in Simpsons DVDs and a severed dolphin’s head is used to tape up boxes.

The closing scene emerges from a ominous 20th Century Fox logo, heavily guarded with watchtowers, searchlights and a barbed wire fence.

Banksy is notorious for experimenting with different media for the production of his art, which often focuses on human rights issues, corporate criminals and cultural criticism of mainstream figures. This is the first time an artist an artist has been invited to storyboard part of the show.

Client: The Simpsons
Director: Banksy
Aireded: 2010 October 11
Category: Opening Credits, TV Show
Genre: VFX/Animation

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    It seems that the whole web went crazy about this intro 😉

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