Comcast Business Commercial: The Busy Slowskys

Comcast Business Commercial: The Busy Slowskys

Comcast Business and advertising agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners from New York have released a funny campaign recently.

The commercials feature the Slowskys – the local business owners. However, their name confirms their attitude: slow like a turtle, the business does not flourish. The brand offers its service, provides phone and TV plans, thus demonstrating a quite contrary qualities than the Slowskys diner. Nice videos!

Watch these hilarious ads and have a good laugh.


Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, New York, USA
Executive Creative Director: Christian Haas
Senior Copywriter: Scott Hayes
Art Director: Christine Gignac
Executive Producer: Tod Puckett
Senior Producer: Jim Vaughan
Animator: Mike Landry
Post-Production Producer: John Dutton
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Guy Shelmerdine
Director of Photography: Brian Newman
Executive producer: Laura Thoel
Line Producer: Drew Santarsiero
Animatronics/FX: Legacy FX
Post VFX: Brickyard VFX
VFX Supervisor: Mandy Sorenson
Producer: Linda Jackson
Editing House: HutchCo
Editor: Jim Hutchins
Producer: Jane Hutchins
Music House: Tone Farmer
Producer: Liz Higgins
Sound Engineer / Sound Designer / Mixer: Tom Love
Audio Mix: Rumble Strip

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