Colorado Lottery Commercial: Dolphin Trainers

Colorado Lottery Commercial: Dolphin Trainers

Colorado Lottery and advertising agency Cactus have released this funny video spot lately.

The commercial features four dolphin trainers in an Oceanland. They are scratching the lottery tickets and suddenly one of them finds out that he has won. Others are equally happy, however, there is something funky about them. The trainers are talking dolphin language! Watch this bizarre video and find out what has happened to them.

See the spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: Cactus
CCO: Norm Shearer
Client: Colorado Lottery
Creative Director: Brian Watson
Copywriter: Elliot Nordstrom
Copywriter: Gabriel Winger
Art Director: Allie Edwards
Art Director: Michael Maciolek
Sr. Broadcast Producer: Brooke Warren
Prod. Co.: Interrogate
Director: Jon Barber
Executive Producer: George Meeker
Executive Producer: Jeff Miller
Producer: Chris Gallagher
DOP: Justin Gurnari
Post Production: Post Modern
Editor: Jason Sedmak
Senior Producer: Jamie Kirchhof
Photographer’s Producer: Jamie Kirchhof

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