Colgate Toothpaste Commercial: Don’t Forget

Colgate normally gives out small product samples at annual events like “Oral Health Month” to remind target consumers, especially kids, to take better care of their teeth after eating sweets. This method does not drive strong results as most consumers tend to forget the message, even if they have collected the samples.

Instead of giving away product samples, Ice cream, Lollypop and Cotton candy were given out. The stick carrying the Ice cream, Lollypops and Cotton candy carried a hidden message. Once consumers were done eating, the message printed on the tip of the stick shaped like a toothbrush revealed “Don’t Forget.” in English on one side and Thai on the other with the Colgate logo. This simple message effectively reminded consumers to brush their teeth.

Colgate Toothpaste Commercial: Don’t Forget

Colgate Toothpaste Commercial: Don’t Forget

Advertiser: Colgate Palmolive
Brand name: Colgate Toothpaste
Agency: Y&R Thailand
Country: Thailand


Account Stuff: Jaime Prieto, Sanjay Bhasin, Ittawin Ngoenwichit, Natphon Pholsong
Creative Director: Noppadol Utiswannakul, Shen Guan Tan
Copywriter: Chanissara Ngampan
Photographer: Jasda Trivittayanuruk, Yoothana Sasanatiang
Production House: Fiftyone

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  1. Alex Taylor at 10:03 AM

    Great message of “brushing teeth” that company provide to their target audiences in a more creative manner.

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