Cockburn’s Port Commercial: 12 Incher

Cockburn’s Port Commercial: 12 Incher

Cockburn and London’s BETC creatives have launched this funny ad promoting the Port wine.

The 30 second short video is based on an optical illusion. It features a pianist who seems to give a recital. Then the camera moves away from him and we see the man. It looks like he is sitting far away from the pianist. But then the gin appears and it turns out that it is a very small pianist playing with a very small piano. “A tiny pianist? Seriously?”, the man asks.

The title says: Pronounce responsibly. Cockburn’s Port is a well known port wine from Portugal. It is owned by the family and counts almost two hundred years of its history.

Watch this hilarious ad and tell us if you liked it.


Advertising Agency: BETC London, UK
Creatives: Neil Dawson, Clive Pickering
Production Company: Hungry Man
Director: Neil Dawson
Producer: Camilla Cullen
Post House: Framestore
Editing: Marshall Street
Sound: Angell Sound

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