Coca-Cola Zero Commercial: Happy Kingdom

Coca-Cola Zero Commercial: Happy Kingdom

Coca-Cola Zero Commercial: Happy Kingdom

A dark gloomy kingdom gets the Coke treatment in this latest work from Ogilvy Argentina for the brand’s sugar free variant Coke Zero.

In this newest Coca-Cola commercial titled “Happy Kingdom” for Coke Zero, director Pete Candeland delivers a whimsical display again and a charming cast of characters straight from medieval times.

“Happy Kingdom” is a spectacle— a dazzling array of eye-candy that embodies the directors flair for extravagance and lavish aesthetics into an eclectic parody of fairy-tale clichés.

An oppressive king gets happy after a swig of Coke Zero. The happiness streams through to the rest of his kingdom as an Ogre takes to the mic and everyone is invited to join in with the party.

Aired: September 2009
Client: The Coca-Cola Company
Brand name: Coke Zero
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Argentina
Country: Argentina


Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Argentina
Executive Creative Director: Gastón Bigio
Head of Art: Jonathan Gurvit
Creative Directors: Javier Mentasti, Christian Camean
Agency Producer: Laura Passalacqua

Production Company: Passion Pictures, London
Director: Pete Candeland
Executive Producer: Hugo Sands, Michael Adamo
Producer: Debbie Crosscup

Head of CG: Jason Nicolas
VFX Supervisor: Neil Riley
Technical Direcor: Julian Hodgson
Directors Assistant: Giles Dill
Storyboarding: Kevin Dart, Kim Frederiksen
Character Design/Development: Ron Kurniawan, Pete Candeland, Dan Sumich, Mario Ucci
Production Coordinator: Crystal Crompton
Matte Painting/Backgrounds: Kim Frederiksen, Lukasz Pazera
CG Modelling: Mario Ucci, Ian Brown, Matthias Bjurstrom, Doug Lassance, Dan Sweeney, Craig Maden
Rigging: Chris Dawson, Francois Pons, Julian Hodgson
CG Animation Supervisor: Wes Coman
Animation CG: Cath Brooks, Chris Welsby, David Sigrist, Melanie Climent
Animation FX: Jamie Franks, Tommy Andersson
Art Director: Mario Ucci
Texture\Shading: Mario Ucci, Ian Brown, Sally Wilson, Rick Thiele, Matthias Bjurstrom, Melanie Climent, Craig Maden, Nico Domerego, Dan Sweeney, Doug Lassance
Lighting/Rendering: Quentin Vien, Guillaume Cassuto, Claire Michaud, Rick Thiele
Lead Compositing: Niamh Lines
Compositing: Johnny Still, John Taylor, Lee Gingold

Editor: Jamie Foord, Dan Greenway
Telecine: Rushes
Sound Mix: Toby Griffin @ The Jungle Group
Music: Power Solo

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