Coca-Cola Commercial: Security Cameras

Coca-Cola Commercial: Security Cameras

Coca-Cola has launched an incredible commercial entitled „Security Cameras“.

This amazing one minute and a half video is made out of the excerpts of footage from the street cameras  all around the world. They are put in the street to ensure the security. But sometimes it catches beautiful and even heartbreaking moments. For instance, from expressive joy of meeting a friend to a heroic attempt to save someone else’s dog.

Watch this amazing video and tell us if you enjoyed it.

Client: Coca-Cola
Producer: Landia

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  1. Sadie at 10:17 PM

    “Give A Little Bit” is the perfect feel-good & inspirational song for this video. It expresses our need to bond together instead of fighting, sing together instead of arguing. Roger Hodgson wrote the words to the song, envisioning a brighter tomorrow where we all feel the need to give a little bit–whether a smile, hug, or an outstretched hand. He’s amazing to see live, currently on his “Breakfast In America” World Tour, his largest in 30 years with full band!
    Details: RogerHodgson(dot)com, see his albums @ RogerHodgsonStore(dot)com.
    Facebook for updates – RogerHodgsonOfficial

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