Citroen Video: Robots Chorus

Citroen Video: Robots Chorus

Citroën and advertising agency Agence H – Paris have made this impressive musical video about their creative technologie.

The short ad looks like one of those charity videos, when celebrities and pop stars unite to sing one song. This time, singers are recruited with a Robots Chorus. They are singing about the brand new technologie, that Citroen uses for their vehicles. The ad is a tribute to the Citroen Technodays and is released by an Oscar nominated production company The Embassy.

Watch the video ad and share your opinion about it.


Advertising Agency: Agence H – Paris, France
Agency Producers: Christopher Thiery, Julie Malet
Creative Director: Gilbert Scher
Production Company / Director / VFX Production: The Embassy
Executive Producer: Winston Helgason
Producer: Ted Herman
Director of Photography: Todd Duym
Editor: Matthew Griffiths
Editorial Company: Cycle Media
Sound Production: Startrec / Kouz Production
Music Supervisor: Lional Dray
Composers: Alex Jaffray, Gilles Facérias
Author: Gilbert Scher

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